Thursday, January 9, 2014

Are Preppers Really the Crazy Ones?

Having survived the Arctic Vortex of Winter 2014, and the behavior of the general public, I’m left wondering, “Are Preppers really the crazy ones”?

Officially FEMA now suggest we all store at least two weeks of food and water. As soon as news hit of our impending bad weather our local grocery stores were besieged by people not only buying out the supply of milk, bread, and eggs, but all manner of snack foods up to and including selling out of broccoli.

Pretty much with modern weather reporting we knew that we were likely to be snowed in, or at least have travel restrictions, for only 2-3 days max. I could not help but wonder how people would react if suddenly their local grocery stores could not guarantee ANY new supply of food? What would you do to feed your children or yourself if suddenly the store shelves were bare tomorrow? Finally what are the real chances of this really ever happening?

There seem to be many different types of Preppers. Some Preppers save for the recommended two weeks, some save for even longer, and some even save a few bullets to protect the supplies they keep. Say what you will about Preppers but they were not standing in line at the stores and braving subzero weather to buy milk, bread, eggs, or snacks for a weather event that was clearly only going to last a couple of days. So go ahead and sneer at them, watch the extreme ones on TV, but in the end are Preppers really the crazy ones?