Thursday, November 4, 2010

The election results

Well it's been a busy few days since my last post but with the election results all but final I find myself wondering about a few things. So many Americans voted for "change" when they voted in the democrats, we all got "change" but not the promised "change". Flash forward to now and once again we have a party winning big in the election with "change" as their mantra. The difference this time around is that neither party won big enough to control all of government, with the democrats retaining control of the senate with the republics winning big in the house, neither party has enough to override a presidential veto. So now it gets interesting. Will the two parties make nice and work together to bring about the "change" the American voters are after? On one hand if they do and things improve the republicans can site back and say, "See we fixed it, we should control the white house in 2012" . On the other hand if they don't work together and nothing gets done the republicans will say, "See they won't work together and because of them we can't fix it so we should control the white house", either way the democrats have a tough row to hoe between now and 2012.

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