Friday, July 27, 2012

Come do business with us...but only if we like you?

With the state of this economy, and the lack of job growth we have been experiencing for several months now, isn't it ironic to hear several big city mayors speak out against a company and seeking to block it from coming to their city. This week the mayors  of Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco all spoke out against the fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A citing a difference of opinion with its President Dan Cathy. Mr. Cathy is on record as saying that he personally believes in a traditional marriage as being one with one man and one female as per biblical references, he then went on to say his company's policy is now and always has been one of non discrimination for age, race, sexual orientation , or gender. Regardless of the company policy these mayors have personally decided to block the restaurant , as legally as possible, from expanding in their cities just because they don't agree with the personal opinion of its President.

I personally could care less who marries whom, pretty much I just worry about who I may marry someday. It would be easy for me to say, "Go ahead and fight it out guys I could care less about either of your causes" but the reality there is a bigger issue here. Mr. Cathy's opinion is not an illegal one and his businesses are successful and provide plenty on jobs and tax revenue for these cities, he is being singled out by these mayors for his beliefs. What happened to freedom of speech in this country? Now you may personally agree with the beliefs of these mayors on this issue and think it's all just great but remember one thing, they are setting a precedent that anytime they don't agree with someone's personal beliefs its ok to attach them. What happens when they don't agree with someone else that you might be perfectly ok with? By going along with them on this issue can you really fight them when it finally hits closer to home? Anyway, if you live in Boston, Chicago, or San Francisco hopefully new business will come your way and there will be plenty of new jobs someday ,but only if your mayors like them...

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