Thursday, March 10, 2011

State of the Union

The state of politics in our country at the present time can best be described in one word “turmoil”. On one hand we have the Democratic left, which funds most of its successful election campaigns with millions of dollars from public and other various unions.  On the other hand we have the right wing Republican Party determined to do away with the power of the unions. Both parties are treating us like we are oblivious to the “real” motivations that are driving their most recent actions.
For years the public employee unions have threw their money and support in electing the very people it in turn has to face off with across the bargaining table. Someone point out the benefit to the average American how makes sense? We have the deck stacked against us when the parties that “should” be on opposite sides of the bargaining table are sitting hand in hand on the same side. The result of this has been years and years of unchecked increased wages and benefits, to the point where it is bankrupting several states.  
Enter the Republican Party, blowing their trumpet and claiming they have all our best interest at heart in gutting long standing union rights in these financially troubled states. What is their “real” motivation, saving states from financial ruin or trying to eliminate the largest source of funding for the only real competition they have in about every election, the Democratic Party? I guess as non union worker I want to believe they are looking out for my future but in the end we’ll all have to do some soul searching as to what we believe and how we will vote in the future.


  1. I love it when philosophers define their side so inaccurately. Republicans motivation... dig a little deeper Robin...

    This is class warfare and I applaud your effort to see that neither side is right, but the spread between the rich elite and the shrinking middle class grows larger and larger for the last 1/2 of our lifetimes. The richest 400 in the USA hold as much wealth as the lowest 1/2 of the entire population of the USA. We give them tax breaks to create jobs. I'm thinking the jobs aren't coming to the USA. It takes a lot of citizens and unions to even compete with that. Those are who you defend and believe me, you are not in the class of those you fight for every day. Frankly, I don't get it.

    And this war machine. Heck we where attacked with 20 one way airplane tickets. Our state department says their are less than 100 al-qaeda in Afghanistan and we are fighting them with remote control airplanes, dropping bombs on who-ever, where-ever. You could kill house flies in your house with a 12 gauge shot gun perhaps killing a family member in the mix, but.... Your party says, "Don't touch the military budget, in fact spend more there". Obamas budget called for 59% of the federal tax dollars to go to the military. It is not about a military threat, it is about funding the Military Industrial Complex that your president of our youth warned about.

    I know... go away liberal, get your own blog... sorry... you know I love you hoosier girl.

  2. I don't get it, I'm not defending either party in this posting, only searching for the true motivation of each. The truth about PUBLIC unions is that if left unchecked, as they currently operate, they will bankrupt each and every state they are in. I was in the UAW for nearly 20 years and if we had to negotiate our contract with a company employee that owed us his job that would have been a dream come true. Citizens of these states have basically no one looking out for their interest in these negotiations which goes against the very principle of a negotiation.
    When I read your comments on class distinctions I get the feeling you truly would happier living in a socialist state? As far as the military goes, I believe even they realize they are not immune from pending cuts to their budget. The only thing I’d ask the current president is, “when are we leaving as PROMISED”?