Friday, April 1, 2011

Wondering why some folks are so dead set against gay marriage?

Seems odd to me the almost violent way that some people speak about how gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage. Politically I definitely lean to the right but when we live in a world where so many far more important issues seem to effect everyone’s life on a daily basis like, the price of oil, unemployment, illegal immigration, or in my area the growing Meth problem, I find it hard to feel personally threatened by gay marriage. Saying that because the two people buying the marriage license, which helps local government budgets, happen to be of the same sex cheapens or somehow makes heterosexual marriages less valid or important makes me think that someone is feeling a bit self conscientious about the true strength of their own commitment.
Now of course the bible thumpers will be quick to point out the various evils of the gay lifestyle with numerous examples in the holy bible but at the end of the day, if they are right, wouldn’t it be the gay person’s problem and not theirs? Doesn’t that same bible speak of “love they neighbor”, “judge not least ye be judged more harshly”, “we all sinners”, and of course “God loves all men”, or how about this classic “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”? So from a religious standpoint I’d call it a draw with as many scripture passages for and against gays.
If gay marriage doesn’t affect my marriage, is a split as far as God is concerned, and provides income in the form of additional marriage licenses sold then I say let them get married and be as miserable as most of the other married people I know.

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