Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Something "Not Right" in Syria?

Is it me or does something just not seem right about the recent events going on in Syria? A mass killing in the small village of Houla  involving as many as 83 women and children, 108 total killed, were first deemed victims of government tank attacks and international outrage soon followed. France, Germany, Italy, and Spain immediately voted to expel Syrian diplomats and called for NATO intervention, Canada,  Britain, and Australia are moving to expel their Syrian diplomats as well.   

Closer examination of the video and photographic coverage shows that the photos published by the trusted BBC were from an mass killing in Iraq back in 2003, and the original photographer Marco di Lauro, posted on his Facebook page his astonishment that no one checked their sources before publishing them. The BBC later quietly removed the original photos from its online story and replaced them without any retractions, highly un usual.  The original story also blames Syrian government tanks for bombarding the village causing the deaths but video footage shows something much different. The Syrian  government noted no tanks were even in that area at the time and all of the deaths occurred at near point blank range from either gunshot wounds to the head or stab wounds with a knife.

The Syrian government is claiming that outside forces are using al-Qaeda forces to stir unrest and keep the conflict growing while the outrage over the killings has increased international calls for the removal of the Syrian president and his staff. I am far from saying that the Syrian government is innocent in all this but what makes this smell is the inconsistencies in the reporting of these stories by so called trusted news media. What possible advantage would the Syrian government gain from the killings of its own women and children, and who WOULD have the most to gain from these actions?

If one were conspiracy minded they "might" conclude that indeed similar tactics have been used in other counties to further the agenda of western nations in the middle east. Many of the NATO nations have grown weary of war and its cost and have been slow to move on Syria, including the US, and maybe one big event could move NATO to military action. Die hard conspiracy folks might have further considered that as war ends in Iraq and Afghanistan international bankers looking to profit from war need a new source of revenue as Nations borrowing for more military funds would surely boost their bottom lines. Then again maybe it WAS the Syrian government employing terror tactics on its own people to quash a rebellion within its own borders? Food for thought may make you wonder what the Unites States government would be willing to do to its own people if a similar rebellion broke out within its borders, but then again only conspiracy minded folks would consider that?

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