Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why gay marriage and why now?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to Google "are people born gay". You'll find scientific study after scientific study clearly showing sexual preference can evolve throughout a individuals lifetime, but could basically  be determined by many possible factors ALL of which are pre determined at birth.

Once you accept these basic PROVEN facts being against gay marriage just doesn't make sense? How does someone else's happiness somehow invalidate your relationship with your spouse? How does showing young people that everyone has a right to happiness threaten the very basic fundamental "sanctity" of marriage? It's not like they are going to suddenly wake up and say, "Gosh being gay is cool , I think I'll be gay" Anyone that believes that is ignoring the science on this subject, and choosing to  believe in science for other subjects, which is clearly hypocritical.

Making gay marriage in issue now, with all the other problems this country faces, is like wondering if there is enough milk in the refrigerator while your house in on fire. Whether you like Gov. Daniels of Indiana or not it's hard to argue the point he made when he said, "Our debt is the single biggest threat to the future way of life for our children, social issues ARE important but we need to get our house in order first, if anything for our children's future".  
For me the clear reason Obama and company are choosing to make this issue news is to purely the distract from his record as president and the issues that are truly going to drive the election this time around. Gay marriage, would even as he himself admits, is a states rights issue and not something that the federal government should even be addressing. Let's focus on the debt, government spending, jobs and the economy, and bringing our troops home. When he has something to say that makes sense on these issues that's when it's REAL news.

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