Saturday, June 16, 2012

El Presidente'

This past week our glorious dictator, I mean President, announced his decision to relax rules for deportation of young illegal immigrants. Not even one year ago Obama admitted, on the Latino television network  Univision, that he did not have the authority to make such decisions saying, "It’s beyond his power to suspend deportations for anyone because there are laws on the books that he’d be breaking by doing that". Obama is not using Executive Powers but taking action through the Department of Homeland Security, basically side stepping the very congress he admits in his televised interview he doesn't have the power to do as President.  

When asking why would he do such a thing we only have to look at his track  record of ignoring the law, his illegal Presidential appointments while congress was technically still is session (using guideline previously established by the Democrats) , his decision to ignore and not enforce the "Defense of Marriage Act", and now altering the immigration laws to suite his own agenda.

I don't think many people would admit that helping people brought to this country without their consent isn't a good thing, hey how about that 13th Amendment, but there is a process and it's for a reason. Obama's actions are only a temporary fix, where as a congressionally arrived at answer would be permanent. I'm not sure as a young illegal immigrant I'd want to register my address and status into a system that "could" in the future use that info to find and deport me.

Marco Rubio, a republican and possible Romney running mate, has a book coming out next week and has been actively working with members of congress to come up with a permanent plan much like the one Obama unveiled and is reportedly very close to having the bi partisan support needed to make it law. Obliviously Obama is seeking to steal a bit of Rubio's thunder within the Latino community and appear to be the primary supporter of the Latino population. Obama also has made "The do nothing Congress" one of the focal points of his political attacks .
The biggest problem with the decision made by Obama is his apparent lack of respect for the rule of law and the dangerous precedents it sets for him and those that will come after him. Our system of government has 3 branches and a system of checks and balances for a reason. With these latest decisions made by the Obama white house we just have to wonder how far is he willing to go and at what point do "We the People" go from calling him Mr. President to El Presidente'

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