Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where is your warrant?

Law enforcement officers all over the state of Indiana are upset by a law signed  by Gov. Mitch Daniels in March. The new law allows for citizens to use deadly force against public servants they believe are illegally entering their home.

The supreme court in Indiana had previously ruled, in a domestic violence case, that the defendant did not have the right to resist law enforcement officers he believed had entered his home illegally.  The court ruled "no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers" which many argued gave the police the legalized right to commit unjustified entries in violation of the 4th amendment, and its guarantees against illegal search and seizure. Of course the NRA supported and lobbied for the new law while organizations like the Fraternal Order of Police were dead set against it believing it will lead to someone getting away with killing a cop doing his job.

The news coming from various other states about the TSA stopping folks for random checks on their highways and other public locations, and wondering if such searches would eventually lead to private homes, had left me wondering just what would I do when the TSA came a knocking. The decision to give citizens the right to defend their homes has to make a few in power squirm and hopefully other states will see this as a solution to the growing sense that we are slowly loosing the freedoms guaranteed to us in our Constitution. All I can say to the TSA or any other government agency coming to private homes in Indiana is, "Where is your warrant"?  

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