Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Republics Last Stand?

I have been in a bit of a funk the last few days as the pending start President Obama's second term drew close, and now in fact has begun. During the first inauguration it was hard to not be proud as the most powerful nation in the world peacefully and happily changed leadership. In many countries this is only after violence and bloodshed.  

Swearing in our first black president promising "Hope and Change", although I personally could not bring myself to vote for a total unknown inexperienced man myself, I at least admired his accomplishment in being elected.This week the feeling in the pit of my stomach only increased as his swearing in drew nearer. 

The reported 10 major problems with this past presidential election.

10) In a brief "follow-the-paper trail" experiment by a local news team in Florida, at least 94 non-citizens were immediately and effortlessly caught illegally voting.
9) Barack Obama lost every single state that requires voter ID.
8) Numerous reports of Romney voters being turned away at the polls due to someone already having voted with their name, and of Democrats publicly bragging about voting multiple times and about criminallysabotaging electronic GOP get-out-the-vote systems...and an overwhelming number of poll watchers reporting widespread fraud.
7) Philadelphia polling stations where Republican inspectors were kicked out (like the one with the giant tyrant-worshiping mural to Obama on the wall and Black Panthers posted out front) had ridiculous Third World dictatorship-type results: 90% voter turnout, 99% of which went for the president.
6) At least 70,000 voters, almost entirely in swing states,reported significant problems casting their ballot correctly (imagine how many didn't file a complaint) and voting machines in Pennsylvania were found consistently switching votes from Romney to Obama.
5) At least 52 Democrats were caught committing voter fraud, and one poll worker in New York was even caught telling people they had to vote for Obama.
4) In Ohio, where at least hundreds of fraudulent voter registration cards have already beenidentified and one out of every five voters turned out to be bogus, Democrats were caughtshipping in bus loads of Somalian voters who couldn't speak English and "helping" them vote.
3) In scores of precincts all across Pennsylvania and Ohio, Mitt Romney got literally zero votes--a virtual statistical impossibility for a major party candidate in any precinct, let alone over sixty of them.
2) Ten counties in Colorado went from around 50-60% voter turnout in 2008 (about average) to 104-140% in 2012.
1) The numbers just don't add up. Extensive surveys from mainstream, reputable organizations like Gallup, Pew and Rasmussen all demonstrated a huge party identification advantage for Republicans, and the only polls that suggested an Obama win (the only ones the news media would talk about) were ones that wildly over-sampled registered Democrats.
The inner sickness I was feeling was fueled by the memories or all of these occurrences, as well as many others reported by other sites. Questions like how can this be without anyone in the Republican party questioning them. How is it our own government allowed them to happen, and why isn't the media exposing them?
Was this inauguration a celebration of our republic in action, or was it the dying quiver of a republics last stand?

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