Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams fired

I have always tried to catch my news on both the conservative station Fox News and the more liberal main stream networks including NPR. I always figured the truth lies somewhere between the two and having both sides of the story is a good thing, kind of like raising kids, there are ALWAYS two sides of every story. NPR by firing Juan Williams has, in a since, censored our news by sending a message to its news people that if you associate publicly with people or organizations that they do not agree with personally they will fire you. To make matters worse for NPR there is a state law in their state that prohibits exactly that tactic.

Earlier this summer we saw how the firing of Shirley Sherrod had to be re-considered when it was
shown, after the fact, that her comments were taken out of context. If you look at the entire interview with Mr. Williams you’ll see that that is exactly what has happened to him as well. Whatever happened to actually learning from our “Teaching Moments”  as our President likes to call them?

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