Saturday, October 23, 2010

WikiLeaks good or bad?

This week the big news story is about WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, leaking nearly 400,000 pages of secret documents from the Afghan and Iraqi wars. There were so many things about this that make me very uneasy. How does a foreigner get so many of our most closely guardedsecrets, and if he can why can't our enemies? How does releasing the names of our allies in these war zones putting their lives in danger, and possibly causing others to never help us, do anyone any real good. Does this type of espionage cross the line during times of war as to qualify as a true international war crime? Another disturbing thing is the way some of the documents paint a picture that shows our country was guilty of killing so many civilians. I could see how many of the incidents described in the documents looked badly for the soldiers but then one must put themselves in their shoes. They are fighting a war were both the enemy and the civilians look exactly the same, and in many cases are the same. As a solder in this place you see other fellow solders maimed and killed by road side bombs, snipers, and suicide bombers that dress, act, talk, and look exactly like the people you are there to defend. I don’t know the answer or if there really is one, as for myself I say we declare victory and just come home. Let them sort it out for themselves, just as they have for thousands of years.


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  1. the fault for loosing these secrets falls on the keepers; keeping in mind that some clever governments, including ours, often intensionally allow leaks for many underlying reasons, so the loss of these secrets, and fault can only fall in our hands...