Monday, October 25, 2010

Too old for long hair?

I read a wonderful article in the NYT this morning discussing the appropriateness of middle aged women with long hair. The author, Dominique Browning, did a great job explaining why is OK for many of us middle aged women to grow our locks nice and long and the simple pleasures we derive
from having long hair. Our society, corporate America, indeed even our loved ones often frown on our long hair as being some sort of rebellious sign of non-conformity.  The fact is I love walking on a windy day and feeling my long hair blowing in the wind, brushing it out at the end of the day and feeling it silky soft on my back, and the way my man can rub his fingers through it, or at times pull it if the mood strikes us to play that way. I love being able to braid it, style it, or leave it straight and
long. I love the way it tents my lovers face when I look down and kiss him, surrounding our faces with privacy and a level of intimacy and allowing us only a view of each other’s face.  Yes I’ll keep my long hair, color my hair, and enjoy my hair as long as I can, why not?


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